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Human trafficking is using somebody by force or coercion for the purpose of exploiting them for financial or personal gain.

Read each of these case studies in light of the human trafficking definition (above) and discuss whether or not the person has been trafficked. Use the “Act, Means, Purpose” table to help you.

Check out the answers here to see how you did.



Worker Exploitation in New Zealand: A Troubling LandscapeChristina Stringer (2016), The University of Auckland
This report presents the findings of the first thorough investigation into worker exploitation in New Zealand. The first stage was a desk review of secondary sources to understand what we know (2005 to 2015) about worker exploitation in New Zealand. The second stage involved 105 semi-structured interviews with workers — predominantly temporary migrant workers — from a range of industries.


Assessment of New Zealand's Response to Human Trafficking 2013Rebekah Armstrong, The Préscha Initiative

This dissertation will assess whether New Zealand is currently meeting its international obligations by effectively protecting victims of human trafficking, preventing human trafficking from taking place and prosecuting this offence. It concludes with recommendations for government regarding what needs to take place in order for New Zealand to meet its international obligations and be world-leading in its strategy addressing human trafficking.


Human Rights Watch World Report 2015
This report tells of a whole manner of human right abuses through country profiles. Gender, sexual exploitation, discrimination, poverty etc. can all be related to human trafficking.


The Bali Process
New Zealand is a signatory to the Bali process. This initiative brings participants together to work on issues of people smuggling, human trafficking and transnational issues within Asia-Pacific.


Trafficking in Persons Report 2014U.S. Department of State
The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report is "the world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-human trafficking efforts". The latest country specific report released by the U.S State Department shows up to date information on human trafficking country by country.


Protecting the VulnerableJustice Acts New Zealand
An independent review of all the laws in New Zealand that touch on trafficking and slavery. It provides some recommendations for changes to legislation and policy.


Marine PolicyDr Christina Stringer and Glenn Simmonds
New Zealand's fisheries management system: Forced labour an ignored or overlooked dimension?


UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons Report 2014 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
The UNODC Global Report 2014 is the second of its kind mandated by the General Assembly. It covers 128 countries and provides an overview of patterns and flows of trafficking in persons at global, regional and national levels, based on trafficking cases.


Trafficked into Slavery on Thai Trawlers to Catch Food for PrawnsThe Guardian
The Guadian UK expose slavery in the Thai Fishing Industry: while there are no offical records of how many men are enslaved on Thai fishing boats, the Thai government estimates that up to 300,000 people work within its fishing industry, 90% of whom are migrants vulnerable to being duped, trafficked and sold to the sea.


Human Trafficking IndicatorsUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime



Not for SaleDavid Batstone
Batstone exposes the alarming rise of one of the great moral crises of the day, human slavery. His well-written accounts of victims and survivors will inspire you to join the growing twenty-first century abolitionist movement.


Ending Slavery: How we Free Today's SlavesKevin Bales
Bales provides a guide for eliminating the plague of slavery that continues to this day. Bales provides a thorough overview of slavery, including its history, its methods, the lives of its victims around the world and the conditions under which it flourishes; most importantly, Bales has put together guides to action at every level, from the individual to the community to the United Nations, in a six-point plan that includes protecting, arming and cloning "the liberators," enacting and enforcing effective antislavery legislation and, perhaps most important, helping freed slaves heal.


The Road of Lost InnocenceSomaly Mam
Somaly's personal candid story as a Cambodian little girl sold and trafficked for sex. Extremely insightful for people wanting to learn about the sex industry in Cambodia.

Films and Documentaries

Human Trafficking (2005) — directed by Christian Duguay
An insightful movie showing the realities of human trafficking in Europe.


Holly (2007) – directed by Guy Moshe
A movie about a Cambodian girl sold and the attempts to rescue her and get her back.


NBC "Children for Sale"
The rescue of young children working in the sex industry of Svay Pak by the International Justice Mission and Cambodian police. This documentary shows the realities of the sex industry in Cambodia.


ECPAT Child ALERT – Ending Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking for Sexual Purposes
An organisation devoted to ending prostitution and trafficking through education and awareness.


Hagar New Zealand
An organisation raising money for Hagar's projects in Cambodia, Vietnam and Afghanistan.


IJM – International Justice Mission
A human rights organisation helping to legally free women and children from prostitution and sexual slavery.


Destiny Rescue
An organisation helping children who have been sexually exploited in Cambodia in a very holistic way.


Raise Their Voice
Creatively and effectively addressing issues of injustice, with a focus on human trafficking and refugees.


Love 146
Love146 works toward the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation through prevention and aftercare for trafficked victims.


UN GIFT – The global initiative to fight human trafficking
The UN department responsible for laws and governance of human trafficking world wide.